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Hello and welcome to the RT Community!

You’re about to embark on something special. Something which should dramatically alter the way you think, the way you behave on the markets and ultimately, your attractability to money and profits!

We originally started out as a currency trading community, then commodities and now crypto. Some may see this as a negative transient trait, but it’s incredibly important that I am in the game of WEALTH GENERATION. Thus, if you cement your mind in dogmatic beliefs and stick rigidly to a single asset class, you’ll drown in mediocrity over a long time frame.

You simply MUST go where the profit/volatility/attention is. Even in Crypto, we rode the ICO fad in 2017, then the DeFi fad in 2020 then the Rebasing DAO fad in 2021. Moving forwards we have no idea what will present itself, but either way, we will navigate it, ride it and profit from it.

Below is the Eager Beaver Module. It’s simply a very rough crash course where you can quickly learn the 20% of material here that will deliver 80% of the results. Once you’ve beasted your way through this, then you can digest the wealth of everything else in this portal. There are well over 100 hours of content here, so simply treat this as a multi-season boxset on Netflix! And DON’T skip videos, even if you ‘think’ you already know about it.

A wise investor is chronically aware that you don’t know everything and can learn something from anything…

So enjoy and I’ll see you in Telegram and the Thursday Trading Pubs!

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